Sam McBride, Chief Operating Officer

Sam McBride

Chief Operating Officer, RXBAR

Sam McBride is Chief Operating Officer at RXBAR, a Chicago-based food manufacturer, overseeing the organization’s supply chain, sales, marketing and operations teams.

With a passion for growing consumer products companies, Sam joined RXBAR as employee number four. Sam grew RXBAR’s top line growth though retail distribution and e-commerce from $2m to $130m in just three years, helping fuel its acquisition by Kellogg for $600m in 2017.

Sam got his start in the financial business at Wellspring Partners focusing on healthcare mergers and acquisitions.  From there he moved to LiveWatch, putting his entrepreneurial spirit to work. Sam helped build one of the fastest-growing and most disruptive companies in the direct-to-consumer home security space before its acquisition by Ascent Capital (Monitronics) for $70m.

Prior to RXBAR, Sam led the sales and marketing teams at Rabine Group, overseeing 12 operating companies with $180mm in annual revenue.

As RXBAR continues its domestic growth, international expansion and product innovation, Sam sets the tone for his team, empowering them to foster unrivaled brands.