Thom Blischok, Chairman & CEO

Thom Blischok

Chairman & CEO, The Dialogic Group

More than 35 years of in-depth experience with major retail chains and customer package goods manufacturers have made Thom Blischok one of the most influential and in-demand consultants and growth advisors throughout these industries, both in the US and abroad. His record of achievement includes major retail engagements in the Drug, Apparel, Convenience Store, Grocery, Dollar, e-Commerce, Mass Market, and Club industries. On the CPG side he has led key indistry transformations at the C-Suite level in Food, Beverage, and Drug, and his impact on these companies as a speaker, trend analyst, and popular presnter continues to be broad reaching and highly profitable to the clients he serves.

You have propbably read his name in many business comentaries on the pages of The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, The Financial Times, Chicago Tribune, and more. And his TV interviews and holidat shopping analyses have been regularly featured on CNBC, CNN, MarketWatch, Fox Business News, BBC, and the Nightly Business Report. 

A self-styled "Plain-Speaking Futurist," Thom is highly in demand today as a speaker and presenter, both at the small executive group and board room levels, and at much larger industry conferences attended by thousands. He is known for his tireless assembly of data, collected weekly from a group approaching 4,000 stores across America and a household network of over 3,000 American households representing a cross section of age, income, and ethnicity. In addition, Thom's extensive in-field store visits and observations provide near real-time insights into the changing Glocal store experience, and have become a window on the ways retailers are continually transforming their missions, formats, and strategies to compete both domestically and globally. All of this information provides his work with a thought-provoking granular view into consumers' purchasing behavior, and enables his audiences to look far into both the domestic and global economic future.

From a CPG perspective, Thom helps manufacturer organizations design and implement improved operating models focused on delivering a capabilities driven approach to competing in the future. He is known for his broad reaching innovation in next generation go-to-market and collaboration thinking. And his advice on "engaging the the digital age" is well respected across both CPG and Retail.

If you ask him today, he will tell you his research shows that both American and global consumers have been profoundly affected by the recent and ongoing recession. The same realities apply for the impending restructuring of Retail and CPG. "The world is in imminent danger of downward mobility, increased complexity, and inductry polarization -- where less is in face more... the world has changed, and we are seeing the emergence of a new age of both consumer and industry DNA... driven by a new 'lens of relevance.' Growth will not be easy in this emerging Age of Disruption."

Finally, Thom is a technologist -- he is well known for his thought leadership and application of relational database technology to a broad range of industries globally. As a senior executive officer at Teradata, he pioneered the use of that technology to change the game across sevel industries: Retail, Manufacturing, Transportation, Health Care, Financial Services, Insurance, and Distribution. 

Over the past 35 years Thom has had the opportunity to provide transformational, organizational, and operational leadership across the indutry as Chief Retail Strategist at Price Waterhouse Coopers, President of Global retails at Information Services, Inc., Global Chiarman of retail and Distribution for Coopers and Lybrand, Managing Partner at AT&T Global Information Systems Consulting, and an operting executive to Wal-Mart Stores Inc., Harley Davidson, Lionel trains, and Lucas Films.

Thoms current CPG clients range throughout the Fortune 50 in Food, Beverage, and Drug, and also include the Top 50 Retailers across all retail channels.