Marc Gorlin, Founder & CEO

Marc Gorlin

Founder & CEO, Roadie

Marc Gorlin has been a successful entrepreneur in Atlanta for almost 20 years. Marc founded Roadie in 2014 as the first on-the-way delivery service that puts unused capacity in passenger vehicles to work by connecting people and businesses that have items to send with drivers already heading in the right direction. Roadie works with top retailers, airlines, and grocers to provide a faster, more efficient, and more scalable solution for same-day and last-mile deliveries nationwide. Working with national brands like Delta Air Lines, The Home Depot and Tractor Supply, Roadie has delivered to more than 11,000 cities and towns across America — a larger footprint than Amazon Prime.Before starting Roadie, Marc co-founded and was Chairman of Kabbage Inc., which provides working capital to small and medium-sized businesses. To date, Kabbage has raised more than $500 million in funding and has provided over $5 billion in capital to small businesses.Prior to Kabbage, Marc co-founded VerticalOne Corporation, a content personalization service that was sold to S1 Corporation (Nasdaq: ACIW) for $166 million. In 1996, Marc was a co-founder and an original board member of Pretty Good Privacy (“PGP”), a company formed to commercialize one of the most prevalent security standards on the Internet, popularized in the book The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Marc assisted with the initial formation of PGP and oversaw the financing, growth and eventual sale of the company to Network Associates in December of 1997.Marc is an active speaker on serial entrepreneurship, innovation, and venture funding. A graduate of the University of Georgia’s Grady School of Journalism, Marc is most proud to be the dad to two amazing kids and an avid Bulldog fan.