Michael Wystrach, Co-Founder & CEO

Michael Wystrach

Co-Founder & CEO, Freshly

Michael Wystrach is the CEO and co-founder of Freshly, a subscription-based food company that provides customers with delicious, fully prepared meals. Wystrach brings to the table over ten years of experience in the food industry, as well as a background in finance, real estate, and startups. As CEO, Wystrach manages Freshly’s business model while also working to reduce the company’s environmental impact. Freshly was built on Wystrach’s personal mission to find convenient and healthy meal options for a fast-paced lifestyle. He discovered that through technology, he could disrupt the $1.3 trillion food industry by delivering 100% all-natural, fully prepared meals that arrive fresh, never frozen, direct to consumer. To-date, Freshly has raised $107M to support and expand their business model, with their most recent investment round led by Nestle. Prior to founding Freshly, Wystrach honed his natural entrepreneurial skills by working in every stage of business, from launching startups to equity sales with Wall Street trading companies. Wystrach's hands-on experience in the business world, paired with a strong work ethic, have provided him with the skill set to lead the operations, finances and growth of Freshly.