Alexandre Douzet, Co-Founder & CEO

Alexandre Douzet

Co-Founder & CEO, Ollie

A seasoned, sharp, and successful entrepreneur, Alex Douzet broke ground in the dog food industry by co-founding Ollie. Its genesis directly connected to this visionary’s relationship with his own rescue dog.

“My dog was gaining a lot of weight, but no one had the right answer,” he admits. “After I spoke with professionals and vets, they all came back with the same response, ‘Feed her less.’ However, I did some research of my own and uncovered the truth about what I was really feeding her with these mass-produced foods. I started making her food myself. At that point, I immediately saw the benefit of tailoring cuisine to fit specific and personalized needs.”

Following this revelation, Ollie came to life during 2016. The online-based company supplies users with healthy human-grade dog food, upholding the utmost quality and delivered D2c. The brand would raise an impressive $17 million in funding as it earned the early endorsement of TechCrunch, Forbes, Fortune, People, and more. This groundswell of enthusiasm can partly be credited to Alex’s prescient perspective and guiding hand.

Growing up in France, he attained his MBA from INSEAD, an MS in direct marketing for New York University, and a BS in Business Administration from France’s University of Lyon III. Among many entrepreneurial pursuits, he co-founded TheLadders as CEO. In addition, he served as Director of Online Marketing at HotJobs and the Manager of Marketing Planning and Analysis of BMG Direct.

His vision has driven Ollie to incredible consumer fervor.

“They rave about the quality and the delivery convenience,” he smiles. “They’ve never seen their dogs so excited for meal time. Their dogs used to chase the FedEx delivery person, but now they can’t wait to greet him or her!”

He brings that same drive and passion to his pursuits as a competitive triathlete. To date, Alex has achieved the following—6X Ironman finisher, 2015 Ironman World Championship Finisher - Kailua-Kona, a 2 X finisher of the Ironman 70.3 World Championship and an Ironman All World Athlete (AWA). A world traveler, he often returns to Europe and enjoys family skiing trips in the Alps during the winter.

He leaves off with words to live by, “Anything is possible. Constantly push the limits. Most of what you think is impossible is created in your head.”