Mike Spindler, CEO

Mike Spindler

CEO, FultonFishMarket.com

Successful, inventive solutions executive experienced as CEO, CMO and Chief Customer Officer in startup, developmental and corporate environments. 


FultonFishMarket.com:  Re-imagining the ancient and opaque seafood business to enable a new and better way to buy the best seafood. FultonFishMarket.com has built information systems, catalogues, processes, digital properties and a full backend warehouse system mirroring the unique needs of this most perishable product. We enable the availability of delicious, safe, sustainable and fresh seafood to the 98% of Americans who have not access to a coastal fisher. Seafood, the healthiest of all proteins in important ways, is not only delicious but can be delivered to your door, the day it crosses our docks. Whether you are a consumer or a food service professional serving discerning customers, you have never had this variety and freshness at your fingertips and doorstep. 

Pioneered technology capable of both:

Turning the light on in the dark world of in-store, the last great untamed retail frontier. Harvested 3-15% business growth trapped on the shelf and we built the only system capable of identifying online vs. shelf product image and data gap, which hampers FMCG omni-channel business. Merged in 2014. 

At MyWebGrocer we moved online grocery shopping from a niche science project to a legitimate channel thru technology, process innovation and a innovative business model.  It also became the largest digital grocery advertising platform.  Sold in 2013 for $200 MM to HGGC.

Clever use of new technology enabling what used to be the supply chain (what is built) to become the demand chain (what is selling).  Store based collection and transmission of real-time sales funneled into forecasting system that has never been surpassed. Technology still used at major Grocery today.  Company sold to 84.51

Began my career at A. C. Nielsen.  Honed skills in sales, brand management, development, and general management. Took FMCG market research from strategic report card (rearview) to tactical business drivers (windshield) using new technology and processes.