Evan Holod, CEO

Evan Holod

CEO, Michel et Augustin

Evan Holod is the CEO for Michel et Augustin, a leading food company in France and a recent entrant in the US. From the company’s Banana Farm in Brooklyn, NY he leads a small but passionate tribe of troublemakers looking to bring French their unique French pastry know-how to deprived American shoppers. Prior to his current adventure, Evan was the Brand Director for Coca-Cola in the U.S., responsible for developing and implementing the U.S. recruitment strategy, targeted marketing communications and advertising, and creating and executing programs like the “Share a Coke” campaign. Prior to Coke, he worked for glacéau, focused on strategy and innovation across the portfolio of brands and working on the marketing team that helped drive the growth of smartwater. Evan received a useful B.A. from Duke University in History and a useless M.S. in Marketing from NYU.